We invite students from Poland to create teams (3-5 people) and apply for the  GMC Poland competition.


Since year 2000, more than 20 000 students participated in polish editions. Academic teams can compete for free thanks to the involvement of sponsors. Not only General Sponsors and Patrons support the teams, each year we are also searching for additional sponsors to take patronage over selected teams. Selection of the teams for the competition is made on the basis of applications submitted by students at the time of registration. We cooperate with many well-known companies that treat the GMC as one of the recruitment process stages. The contest is being closely watched by employers who are looking for young, dynamic people.


[tabs slidertype=”top tabs” fx=”slide” auto=”yes”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Michał Płotnicki, Economic University in Poznan[/tabtext] [tabtext]Marek Rogala, University of Warsaw[/tabtext] [tabtext]Tomek Kretowski, Warsaw University of Life Sciences[/tabtext] [tabtext]Tomasz Lipiński, Warsaw School of Economcs[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]It’s a great training for business management. Competition allows us, students, to use the theoretical knowledge and skills  in practice… GMC gives so many benefits that experience gained here is invaluable in the context of our future careers.[/tab] [tab]We see our future in the role of managers, and specialists in the field of technology [thats why We started in the GMC]. We know that by combining our knowledge and experience in information technology with managerial skills, we can achieve real success. GMC has given us a unique opportunity to understand the complexity of the decisions that need to be taken to effectively manage your business and to check our selves in the role of managers.[/tab] [tab]Management of the company, sounds simple, but in reality is a series of decisions and challenges that require commitment and consistency in action. Although GMC is only a simulation, which is a simplification of reality, it made ​​us realize how many aspects you have to consider in managing the company. I am sure that this experience will pay off in the future, and we really encourage all students to participate in GMC. [/tab] [tab]Euromanager allows us to take the role of the board, which decides about the future and development of the company. It is an excellent simulator that aloows You to verify skills in many fields such as finance, management, optimization, etc. Participants in the competition have to work in a team, show commitment and mutual support.[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]
Participation in GMC is:

  • innovational first management experience
  • ideal way to check and to supplement academic knowledge on company management
  • unique opportunity to confront one’s abilities and intuition in competition with professionals
  • chance to make strategic decisions as the company’s Board of Directors
  • opportunity to form promising acquaintances
  • to get in contact with potential employers – a bridge to the world of business – chance of getting practice, training, post
  • finalists are widely promoted in press and on the internet
  • National chamions are representing Poland in international final and are invited for postgraduate studies on Kozminski Academy


Check the rulez of students teams registration and join the competition


portret When You are entering labor market it is extremely important to have all kind of the experience acquired during the university studies that presents Your potential and skills. Employers expect from the students proactivity and self-reliance, even at the stage of learning. They find in GMC  interesting candidates, ambitious and active, wanting to develop their knowledge and experience. In addition to the practical learning about market mechanisms and business principles, students learn teamwork, communication, sharing of responsibility. Students who succeed in the GMC, are perceived by the market as candidates much better prepared to work in a business environment. – Paulina Mazur, Director of Employer Branding and Talent Recruitment, Personnel Consulting BIGRAM – Paulina Mazur, Employer Branding and Talent Development Manager, BIGRAM Personnel Consulting
luis-alves-costa Many students who take part in the GMC finds their first job through this program. Sponsors of the competition recruit talents from competitors. In Portugal, a very popular form is the creation of mixed teams in which students – potential candidates cooperate with representatives of the companies. This opens the possibility of an extremely effective verification of knowledge and skills. In Poland, France, Romania and many other countries Sponsors have access to a database of students taking part in the GMC. Selected teams receive invitations for additional training and meetings with sponsors. Top teams sometimes get very interesting job offers. Representatives of the companies involved in the GMC acknowledged that “graduates” of the competition represent a high level of knowledge and skills. In addition, the experience gained in the project is a unique preparation for a career. – Luis Alves Costa, founder and creator of GMC.

[learn_more caption=”Successes of Polish students in the GMC World Finals”] Reasons to be proud of Polish students in the international arena: • The GMC World Final 2012 in Bucharest student of Polish team won the second place. • The GMC World Final 2010 in Macau, students from Poland have won 4th place. • The World Final 2008 in Lisbon, the students team  APVP reached the second place. • In the 2007 World Final in Bucharest, Warsaw Leaders team from Warsaw University took fourth place • in 2006 (Macao) the mixed team of students and managers SIGMA from Millenium Bank took the second place • Warsaw University of Technology students took second place in the World Final 2005 in Warsaw • 2004 World Final championship won students of the Academy of Economics in Krakow! [/learn_more]

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