Polish team took a vice-mastership of GMC 2011!

Polish represenation, a managerial team of Orange Polska “Misja GMC” achieved a vice-mastership of GMC 2011 World’s Final. It is worth indicating, that a winning team – representation of Russia achieved a share price which was just 0.002 Euro higher. Therefore, a result of Polish representation is really exceptional.

GMC World’s Final was divided into two rounds. The first stage took place on 18. April. 25 participating teams were randomly divided into two groups. Polish representation went to one group with Brasil, Denmark, Estonia, France and Portugal. Two best teams from each group were qualified to the final stage. Poland, as well as Brasil, managed to be advanced to the following round! Among the other countries qualified to the final stage we may list: Latvia, Russia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Ukraine and Greece.


1. Place – Russia

2. Place – Poland

3. Place – Ukraine

4. Place – Brasil

5. Place – Greece

6. Place – Hong Kong

7. Place – Latvia

8. Place – Mexico
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