• In the simulation, corporate and students teams ( 3-5 people), manage virtual companies on a simulated market.
  • Teams compete against each other in groups (5-8 teams in each). The simulation is interactive,all decisions influence the market and the competitors.
  • The competition consists of 2 stages, each stage with 5 weekly decision cycles. 1 cycle = 1 week = 1 quarter in the simulation.
  • Before the start of the competition all teams take part in a trainee stage ( 3 weekly decision cycles)
  • At the starting point all teams receive the history of the company they are about to manage and full data on the market situation (simulation scenario). At the beginning teams build their strategy and operation plan for the next quarters /decision cycles.
  • In each decision cycle teams take more than 70 decisions related to such areas as marketing, production, sales, HR, investment, finance.
  • After each cycle, teams receive a detailed management report with results and consequences of their decisions (costs, cash flow, market share, balance sheet, P&L etc). Basing on the report participants prepare the next set of operational decisions for their business.
  • The goalis to achievethe highest possibleinvestment performance of the managed company.
  • The winner of the national competition becomes the representative for the GMC International Final.

Check the regulations of the GMC Poland Competition

Check the simulation rules with team reports