Regulations of Global Management Challenge Poland


1- Global Management Challenge Poland is an initiative of BIGRAM, which, at the same time, constitutes an element of the international Global Management Challenge contest.

2- The Global Management Challenge game is supervised by the Organizer of the contest in Poland – BIGRAM.

3- The participants of Global Management Challenge Poland must be the Polish citizens.

4- The participants of the present contest cannot be BIGRAM employees.



1- In order to participate in the game Global Management Challenge Poland:

A. business teams should register by filling out the Registration Sheet on the Web page of providing invoice data,  until the final registration date set up in the edition’s agenda available on

B. student teams should fill out the Registration Sheet on the Web page, and then send the application filled out by all team members to the Organizer to the address until the final registration date set up in the edition’s agenda. The forms mentioned are available on the Web page www.gmcpoland.

2- Before the contest the training program (demo training) will take place. The training stage consist of three decision cycles:

A. Participation in the demo training for company teams is free. Demo training is not part of the competition, which is why corporate teams may decide to participate in the competition after participation in a demo training.

B. Registered Student teams that will be qualified by the organizer of GMC Poland for the competition.

3- Each team consist of three to five members, including the team manager.

4- Each edition of the contest is organized in accordance with the agenda published on the website Organizer reserves the right to change the dates in case of unforeseen circumstances (including server failures). Information about changes will be provided to the team manager via e-mail.

5- Through registration of their participation in the Global Management Challenge contest, by filling out the on-line registration sheet, the participants give their consent for processing of their personal information for purposes associated with the contest in accordance with the Act of 29. 08. 1997 on protection of personal information, uniform text: Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101, item 926 as amended. The student teams also give their consent for use and transfer of information to the general and individual Sponsors of the contest.

6- The contest participants must be at least 19 years old.

7- Each participant is obliged to become acquainted with and to accept these regulations.

8- It is permitted to participate in the competition more than once, however not in the same edition (this also refers editions organized in other countries). One participant may be a member of one team only. The winners of national editions may not participate the competition again. In case of violation of this rule, a team will be disqualified, without a possibility of withdrawal.

9- Any amendments of the team composition must be reported via e-mail to the Organizer no later than by the end of the third decision-making cycle of the first round of the game. The contact e-mail is In exceptional situations, the Organizer may allow for amendment of the team composition at a later date; each request will be considered individually. The decision of the Organizer in this regard is final and binding.

10- The person authorized to contact the Organizer is the designated team manager. The manager is obliged to provide the other team members with all information and materials concerning the contest, received from the Organizer. The manager contacts the Organizer via e-mail. The manager is responsible for providing the Organizer with the decision-making sheets (filling out of the sheet on the Web page of the competition) in accordance with the schedule. The Organizer sends all information on the contest, including data needed to login on the Web page adress, to the e-mail provided by the manager during registration. During the contest, the manager may report a change of the e-mail address or designate a substitute in the case of an absence. Any changes should be reported to the Organizer via e-mail.

11- Decisions in the contest are made by the teams using the special Decision-Making Sheet, which is available and filled out directly on the Web page of the competition, within the deadlines specified in accordance with the schedule. The team is obliged to protect the information needed to log onto the Web page against third persons. The team is also obliged to follow the deadlines specified in the schedules. Only in exceptional situations, after contacting the Organizer, it is possible to send the Decision-Making Sheet via e-mail.

12- Each team is obliged to fill-out the Decision-Making Sheets within the specified deadlines. In the case of any delays (due to Internet problems or other reasons), the Organizer bears no responsibility in the case of a failure to take the decision into account in the program. The Organizer bears no responsibility for errors made when entering data in the sheet. Therefore, the team manager is asked to make all reasonable efforts when entering data in the Decision Making Sheet.

13- If the Organizer does not receive the Decision-Making Sheet from a given team within the specified deadline, the Organizer will put default values specified in the game textbook instead of the team’s decisions.

14-Any amendments to the Decision-Making Sheet are allowed until the end of the decision-making period. The last changes saved on the Web page will be considered to be the appropriate decision by the Organizer.

15- If the team fails twice to deliver the Decision-Making Sheets during a single round, it is interpreted as the team’s withdrawal from the contest.

16- If the team does not receive on-line the Report from the Management Board, the team manager is obliged to inform the Organizer immediately of the situation.

17- Each team is obliged to check its Report for the Management Board. Any complaints should be reported to the Organizer within 24 hours after the team receives a given Report. A failure to meet this deadline results in rejection of a complaint. The complaint should be delivered by the Manager via e-mail.

18- Complaints are considered within 48 hours, unless they require additional time for consultations with the Global Organizer. The reply from the organizer, concerning the complaint, is considered to be final and binding. The Organizer does not provide teams with reports of other teams while examining the complaint. The Organizer may not provide the participants with detailed answers with regard to the program, which could in any way violate the existing copyrights.

19- In extraordinary situations, the Organizer has the right to change the present regulations.



1- Global Management Challenge consists of the following stages:  the first stage, the second stage and the national final.

2 – Before the start of the competition the training program (demo training) will take place. To participate in training  student teams must be registered and qualified for the competition, company teams must be registered before the starting date of the demo training.

3- In each round, the teams (of 3-5 people) participating in Global Management Challenge will be divided into groups of 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 teams. The division procedure will be a random one. Prior to each stage, the procedure of division into groups will be repeated. There is no possibility of filing complaints with regard to the effects of division into groups.

4- Each of the  rounds of Global Management Challenge (not counting the training program) consists of five decision-making cycles, which are equivalent to five financial quarters. The national Final consists of five decisions, made during one day.

5- At the beginning of the game, each team manager receives ID data and a code for access to the Decision-Making Sheet on the adequate Web page for the competition, from which the contest textbook may be downloaded. During the contest, the Manual and Company History adequate to each round are available on the After the subsequent cycles, reports will not be sent via e-mail. Management Reports for each team will be updated on their individual accounts after login in.

6- After the end of the first round, winner teams will be announced in each group – those, which receive the highest’ investment return’ in their group after the fifth decision-making cycle. The best team(s) from each group will participate in the second round. The final participants are also one/ two best teams from each group, that is, those, whose company reaches the highest ‘investment return’ after the end of the fifth decision-making cycle of the second stage. Information on whether one or two teams from each group are to qualify for the next stage is to be provided to the teams by the Organizer via e-mail; this information will also be published on the Web page

7- In the final round, the winner is only one team, which attains the highest investment return at the end of the round.

8- In case of resignation or disqualification of a team which gets advanced to a following stage, Organizer has a right to let participate a team which achieved the next position in a group.

9- During the national Final, the teams cannot communicate with each other and with anyone outside; violation of this prohibition will be punished by disqualification.

10- The team, which wins the national Final, will represent Poland during the International Final of Global Management Challenge.

Any requests for information and questions should be addressed to the Organizer of Global Management Challenge Poland via  e-mail. (