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Registration for the next GMC Poland is open!


We invite teams of 3 to 5 people to participate in the GMC simulation. The competition is open for company teams, consisting employees from various industries and specializations, as well as for students who want to start practicing team and company management.

This will be the 14th edition of Global Management Challenge competition in Poland. Participants will compete for the right to represent Poland at the World Final.

The GMC simulation provides many opportunities to learn and develop knowledge and managerial skills. In the competition the teams will have to manager virtual companies and take responsibility over companies’ performance. Participants will work on developing their analytical skills and team work. This sophisticated simulation gives a perfect opportunity to develop business awareness and strengthen skills considering production management, marketing, logistics, sales, etc. That is why each year companies invite employees to the competition, considering it to be an effective training for both experienced and future managers, young talents. Team work experience in GMC is especially valuable for interdisciplinary teams consisting of employees from different departments and specializations. It empowers the integration and internal communication also in reality.

Companies interested are invited to register teams <read more> till 20th December. For free ‘demo training’ managerial teams can register till 30th November. Teams registered for demo will receive a 10% discount on registration when taking the challenge in the nest GMC Poland edition.

Student teams can apply for free participation in the competition till 30th October 2013. Sponsors will choose best teams to participate together with the managerial teams in one challenge! <read more about student teams registration>




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