On 12-13 April 2005, in Lisbon started the 25th International Final of the bigest competition based on advanced computer simulations – Global Management Challenge .

Poland was represented by a team Index 2.0 that won the national edition of the Euromanager Poland in 2004 .

The team with : Lukasz Magiera , Michał Gugała , Tomasz Cwik , Konrad Smolinski represented our country compeeting with the best representations of the 16 countries.

SEMI FINALS – 12 April

On the first day there were semi-finals. The teams were divided into two groups.  Index 2.0 was assign to compete in a one market with national teams of China, Portugal, India, Italy, Macau, Singapore and Mexico. The second group includes the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, France, Belgium, Hong Kong, Germany and Brazil. In the evening, the results were announced. The teams of Poland, France, Macau, Czech Republic, Singapore, Slovakia, Belgium and China advance to the finals.

[box type=”bio”] „Discussions with various representations provide us a lot of valuable information, it is very important benefit of simulation, in addition to learning by doing, learning from other participants, observing their decisions and actions. The better teams participating – and only the best one can get into the finals – the higher the level of competition and at the same time greater value of exchanged knowledge.” – Tomasz Ćwik.[/box]

“Teams in their strategies are guided by the experience that led them to victory in the national competition. There was aggressive market strategy used by the team from China. After the first decisions the market has been flooded with products of lower quality and reduced price. We had to act quickly and flexibly adapt to the situation. The team from Brazil admitted openly that the strategy used in the national competition has failed during a confrontation with the strategies developed by European teams. “- Says Michał Gugała the Index  2.0.

Brazil didn’t pass to the Final, but the representation of China’s with rapid decisions went for leading place. All teams feared Chinese. They won already four times, including last year and were a serious threat. Participants also admired the skill of Macao representation. Lets Recall that in the previous editions, the Polish national team never came out over 5th place.

FINAL – 13 April

The participants played the five cycles of the decision-making, which were eagerly watched by the organizers and the media. After the first decisions the Index 2.0 came in seventh place. As they said: “We have made significant restructuring decisions, devoted significant resources for investment and training with the understanding that will pay off in subsequent decisions.” They didnt wait long for the effects. Approximately at 14.00, Poland representation with relief received announcement that they have highest value of the shares and their company took first place. The following decisions were based on the fierce competition between the leading trio: Polish, French and Macau.

Index remained in second place. We were full of admiration for the skill of Macao representation. They make decisions quickly and consistently. France in recent years, twice gained the highest awards in the Global Management Challenge, the team was composed of mathematicians – graduates of University of Grenoble. Enterprises managed by both teams were serious competition in the virtual market ….. Anything could happen. After the fourth decision we had second place, behind France. For the safety of our company we didnt made any drastic steps, and consistently realized its strategy” – says Lukasz Magiera, Head of Index  2.0.


The final ceremony participants, the organizers and the media were invited to an exclusive Hotel in Cascais. The results were announced after dinner. Traditionally, the teams were read out from the last place. With each moment the tension was mounting. Both the team and the Polish delegation made ​​no secret of joy when it came to  third place.  Name of team Index 2.0 still was not announced. When the organizer announced French team on the second place, the situation was clear.

Polish team won the international final of the  Global Management Challenge!

Firma zarządzana przez Index 2.0 osiągnęła najwyższa wartość akcji 2,201. Zespół nie krył radości i wzruszenia, pierwszy raz w historii konkursu polska reprezentacja zdobyła prestiżowy tytuł najlepszych Euromanagerów.

The company managed by Index 2.0 achieved the highest value of shares – 2,201 . The team did not hide joy and emotion. For the first time in the history of the competition Polish team won the prestigious title of best Global Managers.

„We would like to thank you for competing at such a high level and congratulate all the final teams. The fight was difficult and the fact that we were able to play against the best national teams from all over the world for us was a great honor and privilege” – announced Konrad Smolinski during the awards ceremony.

Taking this opportunity BIGRAM representative – the organizer of Polish edition, invited the participating countries to Warsaw in the spring of 2006 where another World Final Euromanager – Global Management Challenge will be organized.

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