„GMC is a great opportunity to create interdisciplinary teams within the company. The progress in teamwork that teams achieve when playing GMC, also corresponds to the real cooperation improvement in the real company and business situations. The simulation creates also a great opportunity to gain competences in the field of business awareness, the helicopter view on the company broadens the image and highlights the impact of each decision on the company. It is also very valuable for us that by sponsoring student teams we can contribute to the development of future business executives ” – Paweł Noculak, Development Director, Bank Zachodni WBK S.A.

„For sure we see our future in the role of a managers , who also is a specialist in the latest technology [thats why We started in the GMC ] . We know that by combining our knowledge and experience in the field of information technology with managerial skills, we can achieve real success. GMC has given us a unique opportunity to understand the complexity of the decisions that need to be taken to effectively manage your business and to be a good manager. ” – Marek Rogala, University of Warsaw

„I was the head of the group. Normaly in real work I am not a manager so it was a new experience for me. If I woud have a chance to compete for the second time,  I would do a lot od things differently. I’ve learned that you should not leave the decision to the last minute , and that it is really helpfull to properly divide the responsibilities in the team. ” – Magdalena Krzanowska, Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo

„We believe it is worth investing in talent development. The GMC competition aligns perfectly with our policy – it creates the opportunity to develop business
awareness, and skills such as strategic management, financial analysis and evaluation of emerging risks. It is a perfect environment for young people,
students who are just beginning their careers, to gain most wanted business skills and develop their potential. It also gives a valuable experience to professionals,
enriching their knowledge and managerial expertise.”- Michał Ostalski,  HR Director, KPMG – General sponsor of GMC Poland 2012

„Rules of the game are very close to the values of ​​Orange – they require action in a clear and comprehensible manner, focus on what’s important, willingness to share with others, satisfaction from working together, engagement in every action,  to be ready to search for the best solutions. For us very interesting was the possibility for registering both student and employee teams, as it gave the opportunity to see the effects of the work of two different proffesional groups. Interesting was also an opportunity to observe the integration of staff and students during the game ” – Grzegorz Steinke, Recruitment Director, Orange Polska

„Nothing verify the strategy as well as intense competition, and that’s just something You can find in the GMC. Capturing your own mistakes allows You to change the way of management. Involvemnt of participants in business processes allows deeper understanding of financial mechanisms that are fundamental to strategic management.” – Tomasz Ławrywianiec, Orange Polska