New simulator in the competition!

The next edition of the competition will feature a new version of the simulator that will introduce several new decisions.

In a changing world, the Global Management Challenge also feels the need to update and innovate to stay ahead.

The aim is always to be at the forefront of strategy and management competitions. The Organization of the competition, together with its partners, EDIT 515, now present this new version of the simulator that will be used worldwide, in more than 30 countries where the competition takes place.

Pedro Alves Costa, CEO of SDG says that «over the years we have been updating our product in accordance with the financial, economic or macroeconomic concepts of the global market in which we live ». With this new version, the competition  increasingly mirrors the current reality and the future.

The new version has several new features – both in factors and decisions. There are new decisions for purchasing ‘premium quality’ materials that are both more environmentally friendly and of superior quality. Companies can now subcontract (or ‘out-source’) some, or all, of its supply of machined components instead of manufacturing them itself. This additional flexibility may have advantages (in terms of physical space or investment costs) but there are corresponding risks associated with exchange rate movements, etc.

Thats just some examples of new decisions that are added to the simulation.

There is also a new criterion. The winning team will be decided by Investment Performance. This is because the number of shares each company has may vary. The new criterion measures the investment ‘return’ for the original shareholders not just as the value of their shares at the end of the competition but also after allowing for any shares purchased, or sold, and also any dividends received.

Global Management Challenge - New version of the simulator