Managers are the majority in the GMC 2015 finals!

After an exceptionally tough competition in the second stage of the sixteenth edition of the Global Management Challenge Poland 8 of the 42 teams were promoted to the final.

The 8 teams that will play in the final round are 5 company teams running under the auspices of KGHM, GK PGE, as well as 3 student teams (from Warsaw School of Economics, Kozminski University and Warsaw Technical University) sponsored by KGHM, PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny and Rzeczpospolita.

The winners of this year’s edition will receive postgraduate studies at Kozminski University in Warsaw and in April will represent Poland at the world finals in Makao. The finalists will also receive books issued by MTB Biznes.


This year we continue the practice of the previous year and the announcement of the results on March 10 will be preceded by a debate organized jointly with Legg Mason titled: “Managers vs Young Motivation.” Marcin Piasecki journalist of Rzeczpospolita will be the host and among the panelists are: Anna Trusiak (Trining and Development Director, KGHM), Karina Trafna (Sales Director, Legg Mason), Artur Miernik (Director of Human Resources, Pelion), Agnieszka Krawczyk (HR Director, Robert Bosch), Michał Marcinkowski (HR Director, GK PGE), Beata Stola (HR Director, Member of the Board, UPC Polska), Marta Cydejko (HR Expert), Piotr Wielgomas (President, BIGRAM), Krzysztof Gugała (Expert, President, Idea!Human Capital).

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