Join the 17th edition of the biggest Polish business simulation Global Management Challenge.

We invite Employers to join the 17 edition of the GMC Poland – the largest business simulation. So far, 326 employers and more than 20 000 participants have taken part in GMC national editions.

In October 2016 we will start the 17 edition in which both academic and company team can verify their strategic management skills by competing in the virtual reality of international markets.

GMC simulation is appreciated by business and academic environment as it is a very engaging and effective method of improving decision making and analytical skills. Student and managerial teams will have once again a unique opportunity to practice their managerial skills and test their potential.   Mix of gamification and teamwork leads to spectacular results when it comes to skills development and participants experiences.

Employers can submit their own company teams (made of employees) as well as sponsor chosen academic teams of young talents.

Benefits and opportunities for Employers

Employers submitting company teams are investing in innovative tools when developing managerial skills of their staff. Building interdisciplinary teams gives an opportunity to exchange knowledge between employees of different specialization and departments. “The helicopter view” on the company allows team members to zoom out and broaden their business perspective.

Companies can submit one, two, five, ten, even dozen teams (there are no limitations). We have special offers for partners of few teams with extra benefits and visibility. We support internal communication by providing GMC materials and invitations for employees. We also organize additional presentations and meetings (Kick-Off) when required. Registration for GMC Poland 2016 will be open till 25th of October. However, submitting teams sooner gives you space for recruitment and motivation process plus additional financial benefits of early birds rates.

Sponsoring academic teams is the best way to support the brightest and the most active students in expanding their hard and soft skills. Employer branding within gamification responds to the needs and interests of the young generation. By joining GMC Employers you improve your visibility at campuses and gain natural ambassadors and potential employees. We promote GMC at over 50 universities, recruit students that meet the desired profile of a perfect candidate. If you are looking for an effective and targeted employer branding GMC is the one. Students from GMC are perfect candidates for  internships or entry level jobs.

Benefits for participants:

Participation in the competition GMC gives you an opportunity for intensive training on managerial and analytical skills. It’s a chance to improve teamwork and cooperation competences.

We have special offers for more than 5, 10 and 20 teams. Contact with us to get more information about partnerships offer.

By the end of July we offer special “early birds” pricing for teams and partners packages. Join GMC Poland 2016!