Simulation is an innovative way to develop knowledge, skills and discover managerial potential of employees.

The Global Management Challenge introduces the element of beneficial healthy competition between companies in the public arena, which, at the same time, constitutes a complex training solution.

The main benefits for the company:
  • This specific type of training allows the participants to develop: The ability to think strategically, Understanding of the financial aspects of business management, flexibility in a dynamic environment, the spirit of entrepreneurship and others (check: skills development in the GMC)
  • Teams in the simulation can be formed with representatives from different departments of a company. By interacting with each other, they have an opportunity to observe closely the operational mechanisms of the entire company.
  • Through implementing their own decisions, the participants can observe relations and reactions between the different operational areas of a company. They learn how specific actions influence the added value of the company.
  • GMC can be included as a part in the talent development program
  • The team members have a common objective, which is the success of their virtual company, and are strongly motivated to work in a group. The integration and cooperation of the participants enables a more efficient communication and information flow in their real company.

The company can register one, a few, or several teams in the competition.
The simulation is ran on-line. Participants themselves organize work and meetings of their teams. In each decision cycle they have to record their decisions on the website before the deadline.

How it works:

The cost of participation for the one company team (3-5 persons) is 6 600 PLN. + VAT.


If you submit more than a one team there’s possibility to obtain additional marketing benefits and training.

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