Before each of the GMC Poland edition we launch a nationwide ambassadors program at universities in order to promote the competition and ensure we have the best students on board for the challenge!

Last year, more than 60 ambassadors from about 50 universities joined our Student Ambassador Program. We assume our GMC network was the largest network of academic ambassadors in Poland.

We are very proud of our last year’s co-workers, who were effectively promoting GMC at campuses and contributing to the communication campaign. Students brought a lot of ideas, organized various events and had a chance to test their marketing skills at their universities.

In our GMC ambassadors program we do not only ask for leaflets and posters distribution. We invite our students to become partners and contribute to the nationwide strategy of promotion and talent acquisition for GMC competition.

We trust our ambassadors and we know that they are the best GMC representatives at academic environment. The last edition showed how important are individual initiatives of our ambassadors, additional local competitions, presentations at universities, videos and social media content created by our ambassadors.

<On the right side there is a video which was realized by our last year’s Ambassadors from Poznan University of Technology.>

We invite active and full of energy students interested in our GMC Ambassadors Program to apply on-line for the position of GMC Ambassador at their campus. We offer many benefits including new experiences and fun when cooperating with us. Our Ambassadors also can choose to take part in the GMC competition free of charge.

The GMC promotion campaign will be launched at campuses by the end of September. Our new GMC Ambassadors for 2016/2017 will have a first meeting in Warsaw in the beginning of September in order to plan the campaign.