Global Management Challenge

Global Management Challenge is a complex business simulation, where teams ( 3-5 people) compete against each other by managing their virtual companies.

The project is organized as national on-line competitions, present today in nearly 40 countries. For over 30 years GMC has gathered more than half million participants around the world.

GMC simulator was awarded with Certificate for Technology-Enhanced Learning by the European Foundation for Management Development.

In Poland the GMC competition is organized by BIGRAM since year 2000. So far, the simulation gathered over 25 000 participants representing 317 companies and 83 universities.

Gamification and development in GMC

GMC is an advanced training program that is based on gamification. Teams in GMC can be formed by employees of different departments and specialization. Learning process is enhanced by emotional involvement.

Participants in GMC:

  • broaden their view on corporate strategy, acting as a management board
  • interact with different functional areas of the company, taking responsibility for all decisions
  • get a helicopter view on the market,
  • learn to understand financial and economic indicators.

All teams are divided into groups, in which they compete to achieve the highest investment performance of their companies. All the decisions that they make have a direct impact on the market and on their competitors.

GMC in Poland has a strong position in the HR market and is highly appreciated for it’s educational and integrational values. Companies of different industries and size use GMC in order to train and retain young professionals and to harvest best, outstanding students (by sponsoring students teams).