The 6th edition of the project started in 2005.  More than 290 teams – 1300 participants registered to participate in the competition. In comparison with the previous editions it was a record number of nearly 60 companies and more than 50 universities joining simulation.

The 6th edition , like the previous one, consists of two stages. During the first round in five decision cycles – which takes nearly two months – teams were taking complex decisions on all business areas of their companies . After the first stage 24 corporate teams (including two represented by the private MBA schools ) and 50 student teams – a total of 74 teams advanced to the next stage.

Phase II started on September 1 and finished on October 19 . We observed 10 groups ( markets ) . The high level of participants raised the level of the game . At the end we had 10 leaders , one from each group.

After two rounds, it’s time for finals . For the first time in Poland the final was a two-day session. Due to such a large number of teams, it was necessary also to organize a Semi-finals . November 8 teams met at the headquarters of Deloitte to confront their knowledge and skills. Only six teams  with the highest value of the shares advance form the semi-finals and compete on the next day ( November 9 ) . Thanks to the involvement of one of the honorary patron – Warsaw Stock Exchange , virtual battle for share prices took place on the stage of a real trading floor – Warsaaw Stock Exchange Trading Floor .

The winner of the 6th edition of the Global Management Challenge is a team GROM , who represented Poland at the World Finals in April 2006 in Warsaw

Honorary Patrons: Giełda Papierów Wartościowych, Narodowy Bank Polski
Sponsors: Bank Millennium, Deloitte, METRO Group, Microsoft
Media Patrons: Rzeczpospolita, Businessman Magazine, Wirtualna Polska, Personel
Cooperation: Jobpilot.pl, Brytyjsko – Polska Izba Handlowa, Fundacja Edukacji Rynku Kapitałowego

Indyvidual teams sponosrs:

1. APRG Tychy
2. AVON Cosmetics Polska
3. Bank BPH
4. Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej
5. Bank Millennium
6. Bank Zachodni WBK
7. BDO Polska
8. Bols Sp. z o.o.
9. BRE Bank
10. Budimex
11. Carresfour
12. Coca Cola
13. Danone
14. Deloitte
15. DHL Express
16. Elektrociepłownie Toruń
17. GE Power Control
18. Górnośląski Zakład Elektroenergetyczny
19. HBI Polska
20. Heinz Polska
21. Henkel Polska
22. Hochtief
23. International Paper
24. Kingfisher Eastern Europe
25. KPMG
26. Makro Cash and Carry
27. Media Markt –Saturn
28. METRO Group
29. MGB METRO Group Buying
30. Microsoft
31. MTC Plus
32. MVV Polska
33. Nowoczesna Firma
34. P.P. Bartnik-Pasieka
35. PKN Orlen
36. PKO Bank Polski
37. Polkomtel
38. Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna
39. Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa ERA
40. Praktiker Polska
41. Provident
42. PTK Centertel
43. PZU S.A.
44. Real
45. SAP Polska
46. Starwood Hotels
47. Winkowski
48. WSKiZ w Poznaniu
49. WSZ- The Polish Open University
50. Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa we Wrocławiu

em2005_2 z gpw